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Conferences and Invited Talks

05 / 2023

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04 / 2023

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11 / 2022

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12 / 2019

12 / 2019

Invited Talk for the Award Ceremony of best doctoral thesis 2022, Göttingen, Germany

Invited Talk at Primate Neurobiology Conference - TA sub-symposium, Göttingen, Germany

Talk at Primate Neurobiology Conference - main conference, Göttingen, Germany

Young Investigator Talk at the NWG, Symposium „Neuroscience of naturalistic navigation and foraging in non-human primates“ , Göttingen, Germany

Invited Online Seminar Talk at Newcastle University, Lab of Stuart Baker, Newcastle, UK. 

Invited Lecture at TA network meeting „Animal Contact“, Göttingen,Germany. 

Invited Lecture at summer school „Bridging the Technological  Gap - Spreading technological innovations in the study of the human and non-human mind“ , Göttingen, Germany.

Talk at Neuromatch Conference

Invited Lecture at the European TA training about custom designing implants for rhesus macaques. Göttingen, Germany. 

Invited Talk at University of Parma. Lab of Luca Bonini, Parma,  Italy 

Invited Talk at University of Bologna. Lab of Patrizia Fattori,  Bologna, Italy

Outreach and Science Communication

Talk at Pint of Science - Göttingen

The Exploration Room - a novel experimental setup for neuroscience

Systems neuroscience aims to understand the neural underpinnings of behaviors. While existing setups allow us to record the brain activity of behaving monkeys, the behaviors, which can be studied, remain restrictive. From field studies on the other hand we know that monkeys like to engage in a variety of full-body behaviors but their neural correlates remain unknown. In my talk I will present you (amongst others) videos of our fantastic monkeys interacting in the Exploration Room, which is our novel setup for systems neuroscience studies attempting to narrow the gap.

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Podcast „How animals’ brain work“ -

Episode recorded on non-human primates

sponsored by Animal Research Tomorrow

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Night of Science 2022

Knowledge inspires: On Saturday, July 9, 2022, at the fifth Göttingen Night of Knowledge, for the first time in summer, all interested parties have the opportunity to get involved in a nightly knowledge marathon, expertly accompanied by hundreds of scientists from the research institutions of the Göttingen Campus.

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Primate Cogniti0n and Behavior (PriCaB) opening

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 global social-media-campaign „Be Open about Animal  research Day - #Board21“

organized by EARA  

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Future Day - glimpse of being a scientist for high school students 

Night of Science 2019

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